Wood industry

Distinctive qualities:

Resistance to high dynamic stress, continuous operation even in hostile environments, in the presence of dust and water.

Chains used in the wood industry, from log conveyance to various processing phases are subjected to high stress and wear.

They must withstand heavy loads and frequent stop and goes.

Sircatene Spa can ensure breaking loads greater than standard, select the material, design and manufacture chains aimed at maximizing plant performance.

More efficient production plants with strong riveted chains that feature increased case hardening depth, resist to frequent stop and goes, wear, environmental conditions and hostile atmospheric agents

In wood panel manufacturing and sawing plants, Sircatene chains are used in various applications: cutting and conveyor lines, rods handling, chip conveyors and bulk material.

Specific surface treatments and mechanical execution precision reduce the wear of Sircatene chains used in wood industry and enable using them in absolute safety even under extreme conditions in the presence of dust and frequent dynamic stress, in moist, potentially corrosive environments.