Power generation

Distinctive qualities:

High resistance to corrosion even if submerged in liquids, resistant to stresses and frequent stop-and-go plus an ability to work in continuous cycle.

In hydroelectric power stations, the start of energy production process depends on the correct operation of dams and gates that allow the passage of the amount of water required to activate the power station. To move water filtering gates, trash rack cleaners and rotary grids, the chains must be reliable, durable and fully functional even if fully submerged. Sircatene lifting and conveyor chains are designed to withstand great loads and operate with precision even in hostile environments and with minimum scheduled maintenance.

Selected materials, dedicated heat and surface treatments, mechanical precision finishing and perfect fitting of parts make Sircatene chains the perfect solution for Power generation plants. From hydroelectric power stations to waste-to-energy plants, wherever there is a need to handle loads, transfer energy, use driving force, work with frequent stops and goes or without a continuity solution, like in the case of waste-to-energy plants.

Selected materials, specific heat and surface treatments. Reliable and strong, even if fully immersed in water

Sircatene products are successfully used in many power generation plants throughout Europe and Worldwide. The technology of the surfaces and the anti-rotation bushes leads to reduced wear and guarantees longer service life and less frequent maintenance of the chains, thus optimizing performance and efficiency.