Canning industry

Distinctive qualities:

High technological content and safe materials, resistance to corrosion even in acidic environments.

High speed, precision, high temperatures: are the features that ensure high performance in the canning industry.

Sircatene chains for the canning industry ensure continuous operation, resistance to wear even in highly acidic environments, resistance to high temperatures and preservation of mechanical features.

Used in all processing phases, from conveyance of raw materials to sterilization of containers, storage and distribution; they are made of materials that comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations specific to the sector.

Top manufacturers in the canning industry rely on Sircatene Spa for their plants: reliability and optimization of performance are guaranteed.

The experience of Sircatene is highly relevant in the sector of tomato canning, for which the company developed chains with extended pins for peel off operations, in addition to lifting chains and conveyor chains specific to the plants.

Resistant to acids, wear and corrosion, and ensuring high functional standards and maximum performance to canning industry plants, from storage to packaging

Accurate execution of mechanical parts guarantees excellent performance to these chains used in such a delicate operation, ensuring complete removal of the peel without crushing the vegetable.

The high resistance to corrosion due to the selection of manufacturing materials and the application of specific treatments ensure a long service life and perfect operation.

Sircatene chains made for tomato canning plants boast a longer service life even in highly acidic environments.