Lifting chains

Lifting chains

Designed to provide lifting solutions, Sircatene leaf and Galle chains are strong and reliable, providing guaranteed operation even under high mechanical stress and hostile environments.

The range of Sircatene lifting chains comprises numerous products, both standard and customized such as Galle chains for sluice gates and dams or leaf chains for handling forging ingots that reach temperatures up to 1000°C.

The handling and lifting solutions specifically studied by Sircatene technical staff ensure high performance and quality.

Galle lifting chains – DIN 8150 – DIN 8151

  • Galle lifting chains DIN 8150
  • Galle lifting chains, DIN 8150 series, also with straight plates. Galle chains with connecting pin, collection pin, end link, external end pin and internal end pin
  • Galle lifting chains DIN 8151
  • Galle lifting chains DIN 8151 series

Leaf lifting chains - DIN 8187

  • Leaf lifting chains
  • LL leaf lifting chains European series ISO – DIN 8187
  • Sheaves for leaf chains
  • Sheaves for leaf chains