Glass and bottle sterilisation industry

Distinctive qualities:

Wide range, high resistance to corrosion.

The applications for this sector are numerous and various. The Sircatene Spa catalogue offers a wide range of products and our company also develops custom designs.

The most critical issues in this sector are the environment, usually wet and with high temperatures, and the need to have exact tolerances between the chains and the bottle holder attachments.

Accurate execution, specific materials, high quality, resistance to wear and corrosion even in wet and hostile environments. Chains made to last and ensure continuous operation

Sircatene Spa manufactures chains resistant to corrosion, either in stainless steel or coated with specific surface treatments that ensure greater resistance to corrosive agents.

The experience and the technology used in Sircatene Spa production processes enable us to obtain small tolerances that ensure the proper operation of the chain, continuous operation and preservation of mechanical features over time.