Milling industry

Distinctive qualities:

High technological content, high breaking load.

Handling cereals in grains, flour, crumbles and other products specific to the milling industry requires experience, reliability and great attention to hygiene and safety standards.

Sircatene chains are suitable for conveying raw material in the milling industry and for storing flours and other products, designed to ensure efficient, fast and leak-free transfer of materials.

The chains for the milling industry can be designed and manufactured employing a wide range of scrapers and attachments, both standard and custom.

The chains ensure continuous operation and high performance because they are chosen based on the material to convey. Strong and perfectly dimensioned, they feature high technological content.

Designed for a long life and to optimize every production phase; thanks to the perfect fitting of parts, they ensure greater performance of the plant.

Perfect for conveying bulk materials and grains, reliable, resistant to mechanical wear: strong riveted quality chains with increased case hardening depth

Quality standards are achieved with the advanced automation employed in Sircatene production processes.

Accurate installation, welding and assembly ensure high breaking loads, and optimal execution, heat and surface treatments provide better mechanical features of materials and greater resistance to wear.