About us

The company: The present
Today, Sircatene Spa is one of the main chain manufacturers in Europe, offering a wide range of quality and reliable products, with exceptional customer service and innovative manufacturing technologies employed throughout.
A well-established family company originating from the Lecco region of Italy, we now are recognized on a global stage and have made Lecco synonymous with precision engineering.
Now with four factories, three in Italy and one in France, the control of our entire production process takes place in Europe and ensures we can produce truly reliable, high performance chains with above average service life, regardless of the environment it will be used in.
Sircatene chains are manufactured in full compliance with European regulations on safety and environment.

1972: a winning intuition and a 40-year challenge
Sircatene was founded in 1972 when Innocente Sirtori saw the potential in merging a growing market with a personal passion for mechanics and entrepreneurship.

This entrepreneurial spirit is a key characteristic in the Sirtori family, which Innocente Sirtori acquired in the workshop when as a child he would work alongside his grandfather and then his father.

This great passion for mechanics & engineering, combined with a creative drive to find original solutions, is now at the heart of everything Sircatene produce and has lead to the growth of the company these past 40 years. It lives on today under the charge of  current managing Director, Rosella Sirtori.
70’s are also years of hard work, of construction and  decision. During this decade Sircatene grown constantly and expanded several times the plant: on 1974,1976,1977,1978. Also in 2015 Sircatene expanded its plant.

The 80s: a major turning point bringing with it the consolidation of a strong and renowned identity
During the 80s Sircatene’s growth took them to an international level, the quality of their chain helping to conquer larger market shares.
Not without its challenges, the family business grew, further improving its standards and positioning itself as a dynamic and versatile company, able to meet customer needs and manufacture tailor made products.
After a growth of internal plants, the company decided to create a new production unit for forged chains. Then in 1991 Sirconveyors Srl was founded, a business fully integrated into Sircatene, but with a new, independent factory complete with fully automated processes dedicated exclusively to forged chains.

1997 A new factory and international development
By 1997 Sircatene was ready to transform its production processes so the company renewed it’s facilities, production lines and layouts and further consolidated its standing internationally, facing de-localisation issues head on.
Once again, the company decided to invest in human resources, but concentrating on talent & experience locally. A brave and original choice, which would later pay dividends.

The 2000s: acquisitions and tailor made
In the mid-2000’s, Sircatene Spa starts its growth through acquisitions and in 2008, the company acquired the prestigious brand Fossati Catene.

Further acquisition followed in 2010 when they acquired the French company Chaines Fortia
and thus it became the main European manufacturer of chains, boasting an extensive range of products.

The future: the years to come
Always in search of cutting-edge technological solutions, Sircatene is now facing the integration process between automation and traditional manufacturing skills. In its effort to balance innovation and experience, the company continues to find new ways to grow and develop, but their ability to produce products of the highest quality standards, with exceptionally high performance, remains their main focus.
Passion, attention to detail, highly qualified staff, experience built over thousands of hours and important investments in technological innovation take the quality of Sircatene chains beyond the standard. Providing their clients with reliable high performance chains, able to operate in the most hostile environements also in the presence of corrosive agents.