Brick and ceramic industry

Distinctive qualities:

Resistance to high temperatures, wide range for various uses within the plants.

Brick and ceramic industry represents the ultimate test bench for conveyor systems.

Material processing and transformation require different applications and a wide range of solutions. Sircatene Spa is able to provide strong and resistant chains, with high breaking loads and resistant to high temperatures.

Sircatene chains for brick and ceramic industry are able to convey materials during every processing and transformation phase, no matter what kind of raw materials are used: granules, extruded material or ingots.

Resistance to fatigue, high temperatures and ability to

Suitable for conveying any kind of material, they withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress. Strong and resistant and reliable over time

maintain mechanical features unaltered over time, avoiding misalignments and large elongation, are the characteristics that make Sircatene products the ideal choice for the brick and ceramic industry.