Chains for cement

High breaking loads, resistant to fast traction loads, reliable even under extreme operating conditions, and available with or without bucket elevators

Escalator chain

Precision and high mechanical quality to ensure perfect operation, long service life and reduced maintenance

Drop forged chains

Made of forged links for heavy jobs, they feature breaking loads above standard. They are manufactured in our dedicated business unit employing cutting-edge technology.

Scraper chains

Made of forged links and bent links, equipped with different types of scrapers (flat, C bent, U bent, double O bent) reinforced and with special attachments

New catalog

Sircatene Spa presents the new catalog for conveyor chains, scraper and forged chains, transmission and traction chains, manganese guides and sprockets.

On line you can find technical details.

Special chains

Beyond standard: the special Sircatene chains are made according to specific drawings to meet our customer's needs. Our technical staff is available to design and identify the best solution to meet any handling, conveyance or power transmission needs. Experience, know-how and cutting-edge technology guarantee the results

Request a quote

The technical staff of Sircatene are available for all customers who wish to request a quote. Simply complete the form and submit. Your request will be dealt with quickly by Sircatene staff who will pay careful attention to the technical and marketing needs of both current and future customers.