Pulp & Paper industry

Distinctive qualities:

Resistance to wear, long lasting service, high breaking load and accurately designed parts.

High breaking load and delicacy. The conveyor chains used in the paper industry must combine these two qualities. Paper is a fragile material, yet the work pace in a paper mill is very intense: the conveyor systems that provide the connections of the various phases, from the conveyance of raw material to paper roll storage, must ensure continuity

to avoid expensive downtime of the plants, even in the presence of high dynamic stress and loads.

The chains for the paper industry are made to ensure maximum safety and silence. The layout of the links and the top plate guarantees an intact product.

Power and delicacy, resistance to mechanical wear, dimensional accuracy and special finishing for conveying a fragile, yet heavy, material

Accurate mechanical execution enables the chains to work in pairs to preserve their mechanical features over time, to resist wear and avoid misalignments and elongation.

The surface treatments, the selection of materials, the assembly procedures, ensure greater service life of the chains even under critical work conditions.